KL: Agape: Love your Food cafe

This is the third post of my food adventures in Malaysia (2015). Previous posts can be found here.

Today was one of those days where time runs by so fast that before you know it, it is 1pm and you are still at home and you have yet to have your lunch. With 5 hungry people, we headed to Setia Walk Mall, which is located near C’s neighbourhood for lunch.

In some ways, Malaysia is very similar to Singapore. They have their local dishes, but also a multitude of restaurants and cafes serving western cuisine for those needing a change of flavour. In many ways, Agape reminded me of the small cafes one would find in the suburban areas of Singapore, cafes serving western cuisine but run by local owners. Eg: One Man Coffee, Arbite.

Agape offers a rather value for money set lunch. Pick a selected main (which can range from RM$10 – RM$20) and you can get a complimentary starter salad and drink along with it. When we were there, the cafe was pretty crowded, consisting mostly of the working crowd.

Starter Salad – quite a generous portion.

Aglio Olio pasta – Kids favourite. Even I, who does not always have the best of appetites, was able to finish his portion pretty quickly.

Spaghetti Bolognese 

Fish and Chips – This was all right, but tar tar sauce makes everything taste nicer

Baked pork shoulder with brown gravy and roasted vegetables – Pork shoulder is inexpensive and comes with alot of marbled fat, which keeps it tender during cooking. Most pork shoulder recipes call for it to be cooked for at least a couple of hours so as to break down the connective tissue. While the gravy was definitely tasty, the pork shoulder had a bit too much tendon on for my liking. I’m not sure whether it was the way it was butchered or just whether cooking time was an issue. I’m guessing the later, as I felt that the pork could have been way more tender and less ‘crunchy’. This was a bit of a miss for me.

Roast pork belly in whisky/bourbon sauce and tomato rice – this was not on the set lunch menu, but ironically turned out to be one of the more interesting dishes we had. The roast pork belly was home made and done very well. The sauce was equally good.

Most of the dishes (with the exception of the pork belly) were from the set lunch menu and they were pretty standard fare. While pricing is very affordable here and portions are generous, none of the dishes really stood out. I doubt this is a place that would be on my ‘encore’ list the next time I’m in KL, unless I’m desperately hungry and in the vicinity.

Add: 5, 1st Floor, Block I, Setia Walk Mall, Puchong. (located above Brussels Beer Cafe)
Tel: 03-5882-0139

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