Canton Paradise

The beauty of having yum char is that you get variety and a lot of it. The bigger the group the better. Even if there is some dish you don’t really like, there will be other dishes to try. For this reason, in a big family with varying tastes, yum char is always a good idea. As usual, the issue is where to go. Admittedly, for this lunch, we chose Canton Paradise as it was located near home where it would be easy for everyone to meet up. Hence, we really had no expectations about the food.

As it was a Sunday, the restaurant was packed. Best to make a reservation in advance. Singaporeans really love eating out 🙂 Rather than go all out for dim sum, we mixed it up with some proper mains as well.

Century egg porridge – the quintessential Chinese breakfast – porridge.

Prawns fried in beancurd skin – This is usually one of the items I like to order for dim sum. Not everyone likes this, since its deep fried and may feel greasy for a breakfast/lunch dish. Canton paradise’s version was not too bad, though I would have preferred a stronger vinegar dip.

Chee Cheong Fun with char siew – Another dim sum staple. This was nicely done and we all enjoyed this.

Fried Kai Lan – vegetables for the older folks

Roast duck – Roast meats are the highlight of any Cantonese restaurant. Canton Paradise offers a solid roast duck dish, the duck was juicy and flavourful.

Chicken feet braised in abalone sauce – am not a big fan of chicken feet, so I passed on this one. However, those who had it said that chicken feet was done well and the sauce that it was braised in really made it stand out from other chicken feet dishes in other Chinese restaurants.

Rice noodles with beef slices 

Pork chop – Tasty and tender. There was not much to complain about this dish. However, I felt that I could easily get the same flavours at the local zi char coffeeshop stalls. Hence, while enjoyable, it was not something which I was really wowed over.

Fried carrot cake with XO sauce – The XO sauce was rather non existent here. I totally did not get the value of paying more for this plate. Stick with the normal radish cakes next time.

Teochew dumplings – dumplings filled with peanuts, radish, mushrooms, chives. These were huge! I’m not sure if the dumplings were packed well, as it was a little difficult to pick them up. It was a bit like trying to pick up a bean bag and not being able to get a proper grip. Taste wise, the older folk really enjoyed them (and being Teochew ourselves, the bar is pretty high). Apparently, they’re very authentic and many lamented the dwindling appearance of Teochew dumplings in the Chinese restaurants. I guess this is a good place to go to if one has a craving for Teochew dumplings.

Siew Mai – because dim sum is never complete without them.

Dumplings with prawns and chives – Another set of dumplings done well. Worth ordering if you’re really into dumplings for dim sum.

In comparison with their sister outlet, Paradise Inn, it was generally felt that the quality at Canton Paradise was much better. It’s true that some of the dishes we had could easily be gotten at zi char stalls. However, again Canton Paradise offers a comfortable environment to enjoy decent Chinese food. Its central location at AMK also means that it’s easy to get to for those who do not drive.

Add: 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #B2-01/02 AMK Hub

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