SYNC Korean Tapas Bar

I’m a planner by nature and usually when eating out, I usually plan in advance where to go and what to eat. It’s not always that easy to plan where to eat – eating preferences, location, budget etc…. Hence, I sometimes get a little angsty when put in the position of deciding where to eat on the spot. Last Sunday was one such spontaneous event when the family decided to go out for lunch and the task for deciding where fell to me. Sunday is always tricky – most of the good cafes would be full and involve a bit waiting time with no reservations. You don’t really want to drag your family out far away from the neighbourhood only to make them wait an hour for a table. In the end, we decided to hit Serangoon Gardens to try this new Korean place on Maju Avenue.

Most of the reviews that I had read came from customers who had eaten dinner there, none of the reviewers had been there for lunch. However, the menu looked pretty promising. When we got there, we realized that SYNC offered daily lunch set menu where for $9.90, you could get an appetizer of kimchi or pickles, a main (from 5 choices) and a complementary drink. Students can get the meal cheaper for $8.90. No service charge, but GST is included. We thought the set lunch would be good idea to try the different dishes that the restaurant had to offer rather than ordering one of their huge sharing plates so we all got the set lunch.

Pork Belly Rice – char grilled pork belly slices with rice, onsen egg, spicy bulgogi sauce, pickles, seaweed. I actually didn’t see the onsen egg (it was totally hidden beneath the seaweed) till I dug into the rice and the yolk came oozing out. On it’s own, the bulgogi sauce was rather sweet and really hard to eat. However, combined with the onsen egg and rice, it made for a tasty meal. My only complaint was that the pork belly still had some bone pieces in it which made me a bit more cautious when eating.

Grilled Skewers over rice – fishcake, meatball zucchini, chicken leek & king oyster mushroom over rice with pickles and seaweed. D really enjoyed this dish. The meats were grilled well and went quite well with the rice and pickles.

Seafood Miso Ramyun – miso soup based ramyun with wakame, clams and prawns. Interestingly, this was the most expensive dish (based on a la carte menu prices) out of the three we had. However, M felt the dish was rather disappointing – the seafood was very dry and rubbery, which was quite the letdown.

Overall, while we didn’t have a bad experience, none of the dishes were really memorable and at this point, SYNC remains a place that I might come back to if I’m in the vicinity and craving for a taste of Korea. I must add too that the restaurant plays some really loud korean disco pop music which got a little too painful for the ears halfway through the meal. One can only hope that this gets toned down a little.

Add:12 Maju Ave, Serangoon Garden Estate

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