Meat Smith

Meat Smith is the sister outlet to the ever popular Burnt Ends (which is very very difficult to score reservations at). While Meat Smith does not take reservations unless you’re a big group of 8 and above, given the bigger restaurant space, the odds of getting a table is much higher than at Burnt Ends. The focus of the restaurant is on smoked meats, so don’t waste your time on ordering salads at this place, you’re unlikely to get much satisfaction if you do. 

The menu is pretty limited but there are some interesting dishes to be sampled

Pig Ear Lettuce Wrap – 2 for $7 – Fried crispy with banh mi pickles. The first time I saw pig’s ears being served as an appetizer was by watching Brooke Williamson on Top Chef Season 10. Although she narrowly lost in the finals to Kristen Kish, her unique dish (Crispy Pig Ear & Chicory Salad, Six-Minute Egg, Apricot Jam & Candied Kumquats) which she serves at her own restaurant has always stood out for me. Meat Smith’s version of pig’s ears is also fried crispy but with pickles instead. The pigs ears were done well, though I found the seasoning a bit too tart for my liking. After a few pieces, I was done and ready to move on to the next dish.

Beef tongue ($13) – Sichuan aioli, pickled celery, peanut and coriander. Presentation of this dish was really pretty. Taste wise, the table had mixed reactions to this dish. While there were some who really loved it, this was just all right for me.

Crab and kimchi hushpuppies ($13) – cornmeal fritter and jalapeno dressing. We definitely could taste the crab, but the kimchi was a bit of a mystery here. Having said that, I really enjoyed this dish a lot, especially the jalapeno dressing and the fish flakes.

Nachos ($11) – Funny incident of miscommunication regarding this dish. Supposedly, these were meant to be on the house, but we ended up being charged for them. Oh well. Taste wise, you could hardly go wrong with beef shreds, jalapenos, salsa, cheese, corn and nachos.

Beef rib ($49) – Black angus slow cooked 14 hours. We had initially ordered the pork ribs, but we were told halfway through our meal that the kitchen was out, hence we got the more expensive beef ribs instead. If anything, this is where the expertise of Meat Smith shines through. The beef was really tender and easily fell off the bone. This went away pretty fast.

Pulled pork sandwich ($10) – som tum slaw and mayo. I didn’t have this since I had a pulled pork burger earlier in the day and wasn’t in the mood for another. However, the girls liked this and I didn’t hear any complaints about it.

Mac and Cheese – Neither loved it nor hated it. This was all right for us, doubt we would order this again.

Connecting shots – Whisky shot paired with pickle juice shot. This came complimentary. It was my first time having one and it’s definitely an acquired taste.

Daily cobbler with smoked ice cream ($9) – this is the only dessert on the menu but worth getting. We definitely got the smoky flavour off the ice cream and combined with the berry cobbler, made for a dessert that went away very quickly.

As expected, Meat Smith’s strengths lie in its meat dishes. There were some dishes which would not be missed, but we definitely got some good creative dishes at affordable prices. Between the 5 of us, we paid $60 per person, including drinks.

Add: 167/169 Telok Ayer Street

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