I’ve been to Roadhouse a number of times and I’ve always had quite good meals here. Hence, when I had a burger craving recently, I knew that it was time to go back to Roadhouse.

Roadhouse is a nice casual American style eatery located in Dempsey. It’s a bit isolated from the rest of the other Dempsey restaurants, so finding it can be a little difficult for a first timer. They offer alot of interesting burger combinations from its cajun grilled shrimp burger to the vegetarian falafel burger. For big eaters, there is also the terminator challenge – which is basically to finish eating this humongous burger that Roadhouse offers in 20 minutes and get yourself posted on their wall of fame.

If you happen to go there for lunch on a weekday, they offer a good value lunch set for $22 where you pick from a selection of burgers/sandwiches, or you can even build your own and you also get a starter or dessert as part of the lunch set. We had the following on our last visit there

Salad of the day – chicken salad tossed with a light vinaigrette

I can’t belive it ain’t meat burger (vegetarian) – falafel patties, white bean hummus, spiced tomatoes, dill cucumber & yoghurt in a sesame bun. The burgers here are all very filling and they all come with fries. The vegetarian option was no exception. Despite the lack of meat, this burger had a lot of flavour in it. The yoghurt dressing and hummus were very delicious.

Fish & Chips Burger – beer battered dory, tartar sauce, fennel seed cabbage slaw, lettuce and tomatoes in a sesame bun

Pulled pork burger – homemade BBQ sauce, asian slaw, onions and jalapeno in a sesame bun. This was one of my favourite combinations. I especially liked the jalapenos in the pulled pork mix which provided a bit of a kick.

Philly Cheese steak – sauteed sliced beef, jalapeno, peppers, monterey jack, onions, tomatoes and lettuce in ciabatta. Another one of my favourite combinations. The beef slices were really tender and combined with the monterey jack cheese, made for a really good sandwich.

Warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce – This was an enjoyable dessert. M commented that the caramel sauce for the brownie and the butterscotch sauce for the sticky date pudding tasted almost identical to each other, even though the menu said differently.
FullSizeRender (2)

S’more ice cream cake – vanilla toffee ice cream topped with fire roasted marshmellows. If I had to pick a favourite dessert out of the 3, this would be it. The marshmellows were a really nice touch.

Sticky date pudding – house made butterscotch, vanilla ice cream. Another well executed dessert, the sticky date pudding was quite light and there were actually date (the fruit) pieces inside the pudding as well!

Add: 13 Dempsey Rd

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