4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

When E suggested going to 4 Fingers for lunch, everyone’s faces lit up while mine remained blank.

“Korean fried chicken” was the explanation.

Ah! Now the excitement made sense. You could never go wrong with fried chicken. IMG_4332

4 Fingers sells fried chicken in two types of marinade – soy garlic or hot sauce. Battered shrimp and calamari are alternative options if you don’t want chicken – though it would not make sense to go to 4 Fingers in the first place. The meals are served with fries and they come with seaweed or kimchi seasoning. Being a big group of 7, we got a huge combo of chicken wings, drumsticks, shrimp and calamari to share.

I know that you can’t go wrong with fried chicken and I was not expecting a bad meal but the soy garlic marinade was really really delicious and I preferred it over the hot sauce marinade (but then again, I don’t do very well with spice). As to the fries, I liked the seaweed seasoning alot. The battered shrimp was nice, though I felt the battered calamari was not as crisp as it could have been. Overrall, it was an enjoyable meal. For a fast food lunch, 4 Fingers can be a little pricey, we spent about $8.80 per person. A normal a la carte meal set would cost about $10.

Add: Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road #B1-07

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