Ramen Champion

Since I eat out quite a bit, I’ve discovered heaps of places that I never really knew existed in Singapore. Sometimes these places are places that have just opened and sometimes these places are places which have been around for ages. This tells you two things. First, the eating scene in Singapore is humongous. Second, I just haven’t been out a lot. 

Ramen Champion is a concept that has been around for ages. Some of the original ramen contenders are no longer around. Eg: Hakata Ikkousha, but new ones have come up, which keep the concept fresh and exciting. After class, B suggested going there so we could each try different types of ramen according to our preferences.

Ramen Champion

Shodai Koji – This stall serves ramen in a rather light chicken broth, which can be a little underwhelming for those more accustomed to a stronger, heartier ramen broth. However, despite the lighter broth, taste is still very evident which does tell you that ramen does not have to be heavy and greasy to taste good.
Ramen Champion1

Riki Power Ramen – Tsukemen ramen dipping style. Tsukemen ramen means that noodles are served separately from the broth and you’re meant to dip the noodles into the broth before eating it (think soba style). Because of this eating style, the broth has an extremely strong garlicky taste. It was really salty and we really felt the need for water afterwards. B’s comment was that the ramen only came with one piece of char siew…. perhaps, they could have afforded at least two?
Ramen Champion2

It’s quite difficult to come up with a winner, after all the two ramen types we tried were at two extremes. In terms of taste, it really depends on whether you like a light broth or a stronger broth? I think that Singaporeans are quite used to a lot of salt in their food, hence the stronger the broth, the more likely that they are to like it. As such, I am unsure whether many will appreciate Shodai Koji’s style of ramen, but as I’ve mentioned, it’s worth giving them a try.

Add: #04-10, Bugis +, 201 Victoria Street

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