The Missing Pan

When I first told E about the fusion European type of food I had at the Missing Pan, she looked at me with this look of horror and extreme skepticism. “Chicken curry lasagna what ?!”

“It’s not as bad as it sounds!” I tried to convince her but I think I was quite unsuccessful, so now I’m hoping that this blog post with words and pictures (and pictures tell a thousand words) will help change her mind. To be fair, there is no in between for fusion food. It either works or it ends up a big disaster.

The missing pan

The Missing Pan is located just off Farrer road, at a shop house just next to Coronation plaza. When we arrived at around 11.30am for brunch on Sunday, there were at least 4 tables in front of us, so definitely a 30 minute wait is involved if you don’t book in advance. Either that, or you come really late. When we left at around 1 plus, there were empty tables around us.

We started off with some of their drinks. These were really good and refreshing.

Coconut mango breeze – refreshing mango puree with young coconut juice – $5.50
Minty mango spritzer – mango puree,mint leaves and fanta kate zitrone – $5.50

Curried chicken lasagna ($18) – chunky boneless leg of chicken with bechamel and tomato sauce, accompanied with house salad

D ordered this and really enjoyed it. The lasagna sheets were a little dry on the edges but the combination of curry chicken and bechamel and tomato sauce worked. The lasagna for asian taste buds?

Oven baked lobster with trio of cheese ($23) – pasta chifferini, baby spinach, slipper lobster, cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella cheese.

This was a really nice dish and the lobster tasted fantastic (not rubbery). However, it’s very easy to be overwhelmed with too much cheese and I confess that towards the end, I struggled to finish this dish. I guess, that’s a perennial problem with having ‘trio of cheese’ dishes – how to overcome the feeling of ‘jelat-ness’
The missing pan1

Beef French toast salpicon with skewered chicken ($23) – beef chuck tender, mushrooms and baby spinach stew stuffed in French toast, crispy chicken skewer, fresh fruits and smoked strawberry maple syrup

This was like a meat on meat dish with a sweet component of fruits and maple syrup. You have chicken skewers on top, but once you cut into the french toast, you find an array of beef chuck, mushrooms and spinach inside. Woah. This was a very very filling dish. However, as a dish, I didn’t feel like all the components came together as a whole. Other than the french toast, beef chuck and maple sauce, the other ingredients felt like they had just been added on to provide more aesthetic appeal to the dish. In the end, we just ate it like a normal meal – eat the savoury parts first, then leave the fruits for last.
The missing pan2

The Missing Pan definitely offers some very interesting food combinations. I think it’s worth a try at least once and you might find something that agrees with your taste buds, even if it sounds weird on paper.

Add: #01/02-01/ 619D Bukit Timah Road

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