Temptations L’Artisan Cake Atelier

“Do you know that we have been around for 30 years!”

The salesgirl told me proudly as she handed me the bag of cakes I had bought. Amused and surprised at her enthusiasm, I could only manage a smile and a nod of my head in acknowledgment as I left the shop. It was purely by surprise that I discovered this shop while I was walking back to the car after lunch at Guan Hoe Soon (just a few doors down). It was also purely by coincidence that I discovered the entertainment app was having a monthly promotion for this particular cake shop while standing outside the very same shop and I was curious enough to see what the store was offering. 

Temptations LArtisan Cake Atelier1

A variety of the usual cakes are offered – Strawberry shortcake, Tiramisu etc. Since I was a newbie with no particular sugar cravings/preferences, I left it up to the sales girl’s recommendations and I came back with these three cakes

Passionfruit sponge cake $4.50
Oreo cheesecake $4.50
Chocolate Etoile (supposedly their signature) $4.50
Temptations LArtisan Cake Atelier

If I had to pick a favourite out of the three, it would be the oreo cheesecake (sorry Etoile). The crushed oreo on top provided a nice bite to the cheesecake – in comparison to some shops which just mix the oreo into the cheesecake and leave it at that. Even though the Etoile is their signature, it was a combination which many other shops offer and I couldn’t detect anything that set it apart from other chocolate mousse cakes I’ve tried. Notably, the layers were also not very even.

I guess it’s very heartening to see a local bakery still thriving in the midst of all the franchises. I had a look online at its cake prices – a full oreo cheesecake would cost about $55. Interestingly, Cat and the Fiddle’s version of oreo cheesecake would only cost you $26.90. I’ve previously ordered a cheesecake from Cat and the Fiddle and was pretty impressed with the quality. Unless you’re a true cake snob with extreme loyalist tendencies, it really is a little difficult to justify picking a cake that is way more expensive. I’ll think I’ll stick to the occasional small bite indulgence if I’m in the area.

Add: 42 Joo Chiat Place
Website: www.temptationscakes.com.sg

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