FYR Cycene Ond Drinc

Boon Tat Street seems to be the new dining area to check out? Was doing some research on where to have dinner with J last week and 4 new addresses sprung up, on Boon Tat Street no less.

FYR’s menu looked pretty interesting with its modern European + fusion approach, hence we decided to give that a try. Interestingly enough, the concrete floors and graffiti decor reminded me a lot of Neon Pigeon though the layout of the two restaurants are completely different. Having had no reservations, we were seated at the bar, which did not turn out so bad since we got the entire corner to ourselves and got to watch the bartender in action as well. FYR plays an electric range of cover songs – J commented more than once that she loved the song list that FYR was playing.

We initially ordered a bottle of their Italian red, but they ran out and offered us an Australian Shiraz instead ($58). We were initially worried that the shiraz would be too dry, but it turned out quite quaffable. It is also noteworthy that FYR is now having a promotion that if you get two mains, you can get a bottle of their Italian red at $38 only (usual price is $48).

J’s favourite appetizer to order: Baked Half Bone Marrow with Veal Sweetbreads, Thai Basil and Asian Spices ($15) – The bone marrow was done well – creamy and decadent. You can ask for more bread if the 3 pieces are not enough, which we did. While this is a solid execution, we could not help but compare this with the bone marrow at Neon Pigeon. Very difficult decision, but the nori – bone marrow combination at Neon Pigeon wins by the slightest margin.

Sharing plate: Five spice half chicken, striploin, Asian spiced Tiger prawns served with black truffle sauce, tomato cilantro salsa and red peppers. Also comes with mashed potatoes and house salad ($55)  – Anything with five spice is bound to taste nice and the proteins on this sharing plate were all executed well. The kicker though, is the black truffle sauce and the cilantro salsa – could NOT get enough of these two sauces. Refills please!

Baked Pistachio Melt and Pandan ice cream with Pandan Creme Anglaise, Pistachio, Cinnamon ($10) – Really interesting combination which WORKED. Probably one of the best desserts I’ve tried so far this year. Another point I also appreciated was that while it was a dessert, it was not overly sweet. FYR got it just right.

To top off the experience, we each got a chocolate truffle in this lovely gold box before we left. Way to let customers leave with a smile on their faces! J and I had a really lovely time here, wouldn’t mind coming back again for another round 🙂

Add: 19 Boon Tat Street

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