Hong Kong Street Sum Kee

I confess that out of all the proteins I’ve had, fish is my least favourite. It is not usually my number one choice for a main. It’s not that I detest the taste of fish, but it has always got to do with the freshness and the texture of the protein itself. Fish, is quite a delicate protein and is easily under or over cooked. Freshness is also something that cannot be easily masked. Fishy smells are very strong. As such, I’ve had my fair share of ‘not so satisfactory’ fish dishes and remain quite skeptical of them. Continue reading


Tradition – a time honoured practice that has deep meaning to those who practice it.


My secondary school friends and I have a thing. A tradition, if one may call it that. Every year, for the past 5 years, we have gathered faithfully to attend Shakespeare in the Park together. Continue reading

Lime House

I’m always intrigued by new cuisines, so when the time came for catch up with the girls, I suggested trying out Lime House, a restaurant offering Carribean style food. It also helped that E had just come back from a trip to Cuba so she had some notion of what Carribean cuisine was like. I thought the restaurant couldn’t have chosen a better location, it’s located in a shophouse along Jiak Chuan Road and the interior is flanked by colourful tropical motifs and wooden benches and chairs for dining. The mood would be totally different if let’s say, for example, the owner had decided to open up his restaurant in a shopping centre. Continue reading


Was in the mood for Italian and wasn’t keen to travel too far from home. Ravello seemed like a good place to try since it was located nearby and had received positive reviews. The restaurant is named after Chef Cesare Cantarella’s hometown, which is a town located above the Amaifi coast. When we first arrived, the restaurant seemed pretty empty so I thought that was odd. However, it was a weekday night hence I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. There seemed to be only one waiter, but service was still pretty efficient (I think there were about 3 tables of customers when we arrived). Continue reading


Arbite is one of those places which gets a lot of mixed reviews.It has obviously done well enough to warrant opening a second branch, but there is also the other side who argue that the prices and its fusion cuisine leaves a lot to be desired. Since it was on the entertainment app, I decided to give it another shot since I had not eaten there for a long time and its serangoon gardens branch was a convenient location for L and I to catch up for dinner. Continue reading

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak

Exams are over! Ok, that’s not the point of this post, but it does provide the lead in to how I ended up eating up Nasi Lemak one weekday morning. M had been running some errands around Adam road and decided to buy back Nasi Lemak for me. That was when I learned that there are two stalls selling Nasi Lemak at Adam road food centre, both of whom proclaim to be No 1. Perhaps (though arguably), the more celebrated one is Selera Rasa which recently enjoyed a feature in the Straits Times and many other blogs have also written wonderful reviews about their experience. M is not exactly a die hard fan, she usually judges which is the faster moving queue and Selera Rasa won the privilege that morning. Continue reading