Yet Con (群逸)

“We’re going out for chicken rice”

“Ok where?”

“Yet Con”

“Huh? Viet Cong? Where the heck is that?” 

Thus how I got dragged out of the house for Sunday lunch all the way at Bras Basah. Sometimes, when all you do is spend time in Bras Basah due to that being where your school is located, the last thing you want to do is go back on a Sunday. And yet… here I was. At first glance, Yet Con is very easily missed. Heck, even its signboard is fading – you can barely make out its name unless you’re familiar with its Chinese name instead. Hence, it seems to be one of those places that thrives on word of mouth. A check on my 2011 makansutra copy indicated that Yet Con did not make it to their list – which is not always a bad thing.
Yet Con1

M was very excited to point out to me that Yet Con has been around since 1940 (IE: since when she was a kid) which meant that we were to expect real authentic Hainanese chicken rice to be served. Interestingly, when we first arrived at about 1pm, Yet Con was empty. So empty, that D wondered if we had made a mistake and should have gone over to Chin Chin instead – which was just opposite but SUPER crowded. However, we decided to stay on since it was already so late.

Steamboat – For about $25, you get a plate of beef, seafood and fresh veggies.
Yet Con

Hainanese Chicken and Roast Pork –  The chicken is served without sauce or oil and you’re basically left on your own to flavour the chicken however the way you want with the ginger, chilli, dark/light soy sauce. I guess that way you really get to taste the flavour of the chicken without the extra condiments. The chicken was cooked well, really tender and a nod must be given to their homemade ginger dipping sauce which was really nice.

Their roast pork was as equally good, with the crisp surface and tender underside. Extra points too for serving it with salted vegetables!
Yet Con2

Yet Con is an old school; no frills place for authentic Hainanese chicken rice. It’s cash only and I noticed an abacus lying on the front counter when we were asking for the bill which leaves me to half suspect that calculators don’t exist in this establishment. In response to some of the negative reviews I read on HGW, I would say that service is quick and though there are no menus – it’s a chicken rice place – surely that’s what you came here for. If you need clarification on sizes and prices, just ask, because that’s what we did and with no troubles at all.

And to put to rest any misconceptions we had when we first arrived, this is what Yet Con looked like when we were leaving, at 2pm no less!

Add: 25 Purvis Street

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