Paradise Inn

Interestingly, Paradise Group is a fairly huge business organization with many Chinese restaurants to its name but I’ve yet to try many of its ventures, Paradise Inn being one of them. As alluded to in some my previous posts, my family and I have different taste buds. While I would usually veer towards a western cuisine, G on the other hand, always instinctively veers towards Asian cuisines.IMG_2598

Since he was organizing the lunch for Mother’s Day celebration, he chose Paradise Inn which prides itself on offering simple, authentic yet affordable food. The restaurant also serves a good range of teas infused with fruits, herbs and flowers which is quite a unique feature that stands out from other Chinese restaurants in Singapore. We had the following dishes to share:

Sauteed Pork Belly with Tofu in Claypot ($12.90) – Claypot tofu is always a family favourite so you can say we have certain expectations on how this dish should taste like. This dish was well executed though the tofu was not the best that we had.


Sauteed Venison with ginger and onions ($14.90) – Venison is one of the few wild meats that I will readily eat, especially the way it’s cooked in Chinese cuisine – thin slices stir fried in ginger onions. The meat was really tender and the ‘gamey’ taste was hardly noticeable.


Omelette with salted vegetable – old school recipe. The salted vegetable provided some crunch to the omelette which gave it a nice touch.


Chicken with fragrant herbs in claypot ($11.90) – This was another tasty dish though my only complaint was that the chicken came with all the bones which made it a bit harder to eat without resorting to some creative nitpicking with my chopsticks.


Poached chinese spinach with egg trio and minced pork in superior stock ($13.90) – As with all Chinese meals, there must always be a vegetable dish to balance off the meats.


Paradise Inn is the place to eat some familiar dishes that we might find at a typical home cooked Chinese dinner but in a more comfortable dining environment without having to worry about cleaning up and being served instead of having to serve. A place to consider if you’re in the vicinity or just feeling lazy to cook.

Add: Upp Thomson Outlet – 301 Upper Thomson Road, #01-110 Thomson Plaza

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