Lime House

I’m always intrigued by new cuisines, so when the time came for catch up with the girls, I suggested trying out Lime House, a restaurant offering Carribean style food. It also helped that E had just come back from a trip to Cuba so she had some notion of what Carribean cuisine was like. I thought the restaurant couldn’t have chosen a better location, it’s located in a shophouse along Jiak Chuan Road and the interior is flanked by colourful tropical motifs and wooden benches and chairs for dining. The mood would be totally different if let’s say, for example, the owner had decided to open up his restaurant in a shopping centre.

However, I digress. On to the food. We were all really hungry, so we got two appetizers to start:

Carribean fish cakes ($12) – White fish, capsicum, curried aioli, pineapple and mango salsa. I really enjoyed this starter. The flavours all went really well together and I liked the pairing of the fish cakes with the mango salsa. Texture wise, the fish cakes gave a good bite, nothing like those smooth fish cakes we sometimes find in supermarkets.


Doubles ($10) – Barra bread, curried chickpeas, mango chutney, tamarind, hot sauce. I didn’t know what Barra bread was before I ordered it, but having seen it, it’s a very thick piece of bread, similar to Pita bread, but thicker. The hot sauce was a little overwhelming for me, so a good idea to mix it up with the mango chutney.


When the mains came, you could really hear an audible gasp from our table. They were very huge with generous portions! Thankfully, we were 3 girls with hungry stomachs. Game on.

Jerk chicken ($28) – boneless leg, jerk marinade, sweet potato and Jerk BBQ sauce. This was E’s favourite of the night. The chicken was really tender but the winning ingredient was really the marinade. The only complaint was that the vegetables (especially the carrots) were a little too undercooked for our liking and we found this to be the same for all the other mains.


Coffee Jerk Rubbed Ribeye ($36) with Lyonnaise potatoes, buttered veggies and Jerk cream sauce. The steak (we asked for medium) was done well, though I did not really taste the coffee as was described on the menu.


Baby back ribs ($32) with BBQ sauce, buttered veggies and hand cut root veggies. This was my favourite dish of the night. The ribs were cooked till the meat literally fell off the bone and it was huge rack!


Besides food, we also ordered cocktails to go with our meal – pina colada, Mai Tai and Lime House rum punch. The cocktails were all right, but we felt that drinks were not something we would come back for. After dinner, we actually went to Oxwell & Co for our pina colada fix (which we much preferred).

blog photos1

So, I felt that we had some really good dishes at the Lime House. Though we all had our favourites, there wasn’t a dish that we would not order again. Definitely, a restaurant that we wouldn’t mind coming back to some other time. It also does not hurt that it is featured on the entertainment app.

Add: 2 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore

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