Arbite is one of those places which gets a lot of mixed reviews.It has obviously done well enough to warrant opening a second branch, but there is also the other side who argue that the prices and its fusion cuisine leaves a lot to be desired. Since it was on the entertainment app, I decided to give it another shot since I had not eaten there for a long time and its serangoon gardens branch was a convenient location for L and I to catch up for dinner.

Beef Tataki Salad – Sliced beef onglet served rare, sauteed mushrooms, spanish onions, japanese cucumbers dressed with a shoyu and yuzu dressing. In my previous experiences with beef tataki, it was always presented in the form of thin, uniformed slices, so it was quite interesting for me to have beef tataki in the form of hangar steak roughly sliced. Obviously some cuts were thicker than others so the thicker slices needed more of a chewing effort. While the dressing and the mushrooms were very nice, I think it was the unevenness of the onglet that bothered me the most and led to me not really enjoying the starter as much.


Fish of the day with grilled vegetables. L thought that the dish was done well, though she did not really fancy the way the purple potatoes were done.


XO Duck Tagliatelle with XO chilli sauce, sugar snaps and corn kernels. For someone who does not handle chilli well at all, the spicy level was almost non-existent for me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the flavours of the dish together with the mushrooms and the corn, though I found the duck to be a bit overcooked for my liking.


Pina colada creme brulee – With the words pina colada in the title, I expected to taste a hint of rum bitters in the creme brulee but what came instead was an overbearing sweetness – perhaps too much pineapple juice in the creme brulee mix.


Unfortunately, it seems that our visit to Arbite this time resulted in more misses than hits. Having said that, I note that it has changed its menu since, so hopefully this should result in dishes with better execution.

Add: 66A Serangoon Garden Way

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