Korea Dubu House – Kaohsiung

This is my fourth post detailing my eating adventures in Taiwan. Other eating adventures include those in Tainan, Taichung and Sun Moon Lake.

A’s cousins took us out for Korean food while we were in Kaohsiung. Korean food seems to be quite popular here and at very affordable prices too (Korean food in Singapore tends to be a bit more pricey). It reminded me of when I was a student living in New Zealand and we ate Korean food often because it was one of the cheapest eats we could find when we decided to ditch hostel food and find other forms of nourishment instead.

I’ve eaten Korean food in 4 countries – USA, New Zealand, Singapore and now Taiwan. One thing I’ve noticed is that the side dishes are always different. The exemption being, kimchi. Other than that, don’t expect to see the same side dish in a different Korean restaurant. My guess is that they give whatever is available and palatable to the customers in that particular country. In this particular restaurant, we had mushrooms, quail eggs, bean sprouts and cooked veges. Just as a form of comparison, in New Zealand, they would serve you seaweed, beansprouts and sweet potato.


Soontofu (Beef/pork/chicken). We opted for the beef version. You can get the original soontofu soup or you can get the original with cheese (picture below). Both tasted nice to me, though my preference was for the original soup because I was more used to that flavour. The soontofu also came with stone cooked rice which was quite an interesting experience for me (most of the time, the rice I get in Korean restaurants is served in individual metal bowls).


Omelette with seaweed – this was done well. The omelette was light and fluffy.


Seafood pancake – another well executed dish. Light, crisp and went very well with accompanying sauce.


When we were here for dinner on a Thursday night, the place was very crowded which showed how popular Korean food is among the locals. I thought the dishes were all done very well and I enjoyed them very much. I felt that the key point was that the prices were very affordable – Approx SGD$11 for one soontofu set. Doubt we could find something in a similar price range in Singapore. Definitely something to consider if one is in Kaoshiung and looking for an alternative cuisine experience.

Add: Korea Dubu House 淨豆腐韓式料理 (kaohsiung) 高雄市前金區中華四路352號(近捷運中央公園站,central park MRT)

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