Conveniently located near my school so that I could have a “quick dinner” with my folks and run back to the library for more studying since at that point I still had two papers to go and they were back to back papers. A quick perusal of the food blogs on Saveur reveal that its main lure is the relatively very affordable prices for french cuisine. However, a quick note that prices stated in the older reviews have since gone up by about $2-$3 when I ate there last weekend. Damn inflation and rising food prices. There was quite a queue when I arrived, but they have the sms queuing system where you just type in your number and the restaurant will call you when a table is ready. There is also an online website for you to check how far along are you in the queue


Saveur’s pasta – Chilli oil, konbu, minced pork sauce, chives and ebi. Google Saveur and most blogs reviewing this restaurant would have featured this dish. So certainly, this seems to be one of the restaurant’s icon dishes. There was definitely a lot of flavour in this dish and the pasta was not overly coated with the chilli oil, which made it a very refreshing, light starter. For $4.90, I thought this was rather reasonable. M, D and G ordered mushroom soup as their starter, but all three gave the thumbs down for the soup, overly thick, not a single taste of mushroom, and definitely not worthy of taking up space on this blog post.


Duck confit with mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and orange – $13.90. A typical french staple, which was well executed. Both M and G enjoyed it very much.


Chicken Roulade with basmati rice and parmesan sauce – $10.90. I was quite surprised when this arrived as the portions looked really small in comparison to the rest of our mains. I suppose this is reflected in the pricing. This was just all right for me, it was a bit of an overload on the parmesan sauce.


Pan seared sea bass with french beans and sauteed potatoes with crab meat – $15.90.Either I did not get any crab meat or the crabs ran away. I thought the sea bass was cooked perfectly, though for someone who does not have a big stomach, I finished the entire plate easily. Gives an inkling to the size of the portions.


A late order Garden salad for M and D to make up for the bad mushroom soup. Oh well, at least they had some fresh greens to chase away the blues.


In comparison to most other french restaurants in Singapore, Saveur does seem to offer pretty reasonable and affordable prices for their cuisine. However, I somehow got the sense that this lower price is reflected in their food portions which turned out rather small. I’m pretty sure D went hunting for supper after this meal when I ran back to the library. Food wise, we were pretty happy with most of the dishes that we ordered. Saveur’s pasta is definitely something to try, just don’t get that mushroom soup!

Add: 5 Purvis Street

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