Da Paolo Pizza Bar

Round two of the little sis birthday celebrations. We went for a family lunch at Da Paolo pizza bar at Holland village. We thought it interesting that the place does not take reservations. Hence, we had to ensure we left the house early to secure a table (I mean logically speaking, you wouldn’t take reservations if you knew that you were always going to be full right?). However, when we got there at around noon, the place was quite empty which got a “huh” response from us.


Nevertheless, we got a nice booth right in the corner, so no complaints. From the menu, we ordered several dishes to share from salads to pizzas.

Carlotta salad – Mixed Mesclun, Parma Ham, Taleggio Fondue, Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes, Balsamic Vinegar Dressing. A nice starter (family is quite obsessed with the greens, so salads are always a must when we eat western).


Aglio Olio with added mushrooms. We thought this dish was executed well, the addition of sliced chili was a nice touch to give that spicy ‘kick’.


Beef Lasagna – This was just all right for me. The edges turned out a little dry and overcooked – a sign of re-heating perhaps? Then again, lasagna is one of my favourite Italian dishes, so I do have certain expectations as to how it should turn out. I get a little cranky when I see dried out edges…..


Pizzas – we had two tomato base pizzas to share; the Americana (Ham and Pineapples) and Meat Lovers (Bolognese Sauce, Cooked Ham, Iberico Chorizo. We also took the option of adding egg and onions). The Americana is an all time favourite, so we really enjoyed that. However, I personally preferred the Meat Lovers because of the added egg and onions. I quite like the idea of having a cracked egg on top of pizzas.



This was also another place when we were able to use the entertainment app. Definitely an option to consider when we’re in the mood for Italian food. They have some other interesting combinations for their pizzas which I would be keen to try next time.

Add: 44 Jalan Merah Saga

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