Horse’s mouth

In the mood for Friday night drinks. Wanted to try Mariko’s but when I called to make a reservation, was told that the bar had decided to close for a week starting that Friday for renovations! Damn. Then, J suggested we try Horse’s mouth, which turned out to be perfect as I got a call from two friends I knew while living in Budapest and were in Singapore visiting! The bar was near their hotel which was perfect to meet up at. Continue reading

Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar

Lunch date with F on Thursday, so decided to give the entertainment app another go and suggested that we visit Longtail Asian Brasserie since it was near her building and we could just walk over in a couple of minutes. At first I thought that it would be crowded since I knew that its sister restaurant, Sabai was a popular lunch place, so I made sure to make a reservation. However, when we walked in on Friday noon, it was almost empty. Wow. So much for making a reservation. Continue reading


The thought of Nandos always brings to mind their bad PR incident with a certain Mediacorp actress. I have not avoided Nandos especially because of that incident, but I have never really had any real urge to visit that place either. After all, before Nandos came to Singapore, I had already visited it overseas while living in New Zealand, hence it didn’t really feel like a ‘must try’ when it first burst onto the scene. Continue reading


How does one create a potluck session? When a group of girls challenge a girlfriend to prove that she cooks and the girl challenged in turn challenges the group to prove their skills to her too. Yes, we had this conversation a few months back and finally this weekend, the group met to showcase what we’ve got. But really, it was just another excuse to get together, just with a bit of friendly challenge to spice things up Continue reading

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

Had to run some errands on a Wednesday morning and decided to pop by this new cafe for a quick breakfast. For the longest time, this corner outlet on Upper Thomson Road used to be Liquid Kitchen, and I remember many a time when we popped by for a drink after church or dinner a few doors down. So now, the entire place has been revamped into a white minimalist coffee place. The decor is very simple, a long communal table with a few side tables at the back. They also have a short retail shelf selling coffee merchandise, chocolates etc. They have servers but stuff like water and condiments is pretty much self service. I felt quite the noob when I was there because I was asking where was this and that and the servers were pointing me to places where I couldn’t see. I swear I got a bit of an exasperated look from the coffee guy when I asked him whether the cafe offered pepper and he said that everything was self service behind me. Yes, it’s my first time here guys! Continue reading