Tamaya Dining

Late dinner with M after having caught Insurgent earlier in the evening. Even though we both had Japanese the day before, we didn’t feel so jaded yet that we could still handle another round of Japanese cuisine. After walking through the various restaurants at Cuppage Terrace, we settled at Tamaya Dining, an Izakuya style place with some authentic Japanese seats! At first when the lady boss told us to take off our shoes, I panicked a little, thinking that I would have to be on my knees for the entire dinner, but voila, they had those terraced seats, so you can comfortably rest your feet on a lower platform.


As expected in a typical Izakaya, they have a good range of sake to choose from. The one which we chose ($120) was very smooth and went down easily. M commented that she liked this bottle better than the one we had at Neon Pidgeon the night before.


A quick note about the menu is that it is rather extensive. They even had a page on western food (a la Jap style). M explained that an Izakaya usually serves a bit of everything. Fair enough. We had quite a few substantial carbo heavy dishes:

Yakisoba: This was well executed. Good hearty Japanese fare.


Cold ramen salad: This was probably one of my favourite dishes. I really loved the chilled noodles mixed in with the salad sauce. Together with the crunchy cucumbers and lettuce, it provided a nice contrast of textures. I easily went back for second, third servings.


Tuna Tartare – the tuna was nicely marinated and tasted fresh. I’m not usually big on tuna, but this turned out to be quite an enjoyable dish for me.


Oden – this dish was just all right for me. It was tasty, but it wasn’t something which I was scrambling back for a second helping again.


Sushi – unfortunately, I had forgotten to take a picture of the sushi the moment the lady boss set it down on the table. When I finally remembered, the uni and another piece of sushi had disappeared, hence the gaps. Oh well! This was really a good way to try the different types of sushi available. I tried the eel, tuna and swordfish sushi, all of which tasted very fresh. The omelette was also very nice, I quite like the hint of sweetness that the Japanese put in their omelettes.


In all, this was a great place for a casual and quiet Japanese dinner. The restaurant closes at around 11pm, so it’s a good option if you’re looking for dinner at around 9 plus around the area.

Add: 29A Cuppage Road Cuppage Terrace