Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters 2.0

So it really wasn’t a question whether I would come back again despite my previous experience at Pacamara. I mean, I do live quite close here and I wasn’t just going to dismiss it completely just because of that one time. It turned out that I had more errands to run in the area last week, so I popped again and this time, I decided to try one of their more popular specials – the truffle eggs benedict ($18). I did toy with the idea of getting the red velvet pancakes, but I’m more of a savoury person than sweet (even for brunch meals) so I decide to push the red velvet pancakes to another time. I guess this time, because I knew what to do (IE: order at the counter, get your own water, pepper and salt on the side shelf etc), I didn’t feel so out of place.

So how was it? I felt that this is probably one of their better dishes (compared to my previous try of the shrimp and asparagus roll). The eggs were poached perfectly, one knick of the knife and the yolk comes oozing out (definitely made up for my previous experience at Skyve). The hollandaise sauce was delicious, the added truffle was a nice touch and is sure to resonate commercially with customers. This was one dish which I had no problems finishing up.


In all, this was a wonderful meal. A quick perusal of their menu reveals that the selection is pretty limited and nothing really stands out in terms “wow, that looks interesting, must try next time” (again, more of a savoury person, so the red velvet pancakes don’t really scream out to me), but perhaps the oven baked macaroni if I’m ever in the area and in the mood.


Add:185 Upper Thomson Road