Skyve is located at what used to be known as Monk’s Hill secondary school. Incidentally, it was the secondary school that my brother used to go to and when I was much younger, we used to live at one of the condominiums further up the road. Decided to satisfy my western breakfast cravings and suggested to M that we check Skyve out (since we also have the entertainment app now) and see what a former secondary school has now become.

It would be an understatement to say that the compound is now barely recognizable. Skyve seems to be the only eatery operating there, there rest of the outlets seemed to consist more of education/professional offices which is great for the establishment, less competition! Of course, the location can be a little hidden, but having lived in the area before, I can attest that it is only a 10-15 minute walk from Newton MRT.

The restaurant looked half empty when we arrived, however it seemed from the staff that all the empty tables were still reserved (at 1.10pm on a Sunday afternoon?) They showed us to a table with stools, but we requested to change since M has a back problem and preferred to sit somewhere where she could rest her back. Surprisingly, they took a while to find us a substitute and later informed us that we could sit in the main dining area but would have to finish by 2.15pm as there was another reservation then. I don’t disbelieve the restaurant, but the situation looks really skeptical when you have a half empty restaurant and you don’t really see anyone else walk in the whole time when you’re dining there. But ok, the benefit of the doubt should be given to them and let’s focus on the food instead.


M got the Skyving Breakfast ($22), which is served with two eggs, mushrooms, angus beef sausage, cherry tomatoes and roasted potatoes. This was a really hearty serving which she thoroughly enjoyed. Needless to say, she was pretty full at the end of it.


I decided to try something else and went for the Skyve sous vide eggs benedict ($19) instead. I’m not very sure how the sous vide technique makes a difference, but I did note that the egg yolks were not runny and pretty much solidified when I cut into the eggs. I could have also done with a bit more hollandaise sauce (esp since I didn’t have runny yolks to compensate!)

IMG_3849 IMG_3852

Feeling a little unsatisfied, I decided to order one of their desserts – the earl grey tea infused creme brulee ($10). This was a big win for me. I’ve never had this combination before, and I really enjoyed the earl grey mingled with the sweetness of the brulee. Definitely something which I wouldn’t mind coming back for again.


Despite my initial impressions on the seating arrangement, I must say that service was very prompt in the restaurant, food arrived promptly and staff were quick to respond to our needs (perhaps also because of a really empty restaurant at 2pm?) Despite the miss on my eggs, I wouldn’t mind coming back again just to share the creme brulee with others. Of course, I suppose that one must try more dishes before making any more conclusions.

Add: 10 Winstedt Rd