Cat and the Fiddle

Planning a surprise birthday party and we were wondering where should we get the cake from. “What about cheesecake?” A suggested and directed me to the Cat and the Fiddle website. Cat and the Fiddle offers an interesting variety of cheesecakes and a good majority have an alcohol element in them, such as the Emperor’s Romance (a lychee martini cheesecake) and the Russian whiskers (a vodka mango cheesecake). However, we were expecting children and pregnant mothers to have a go at the cake too, hence we got the non-alcoholic Queen of Hearts – a strawberry cheesecake.

It was not until when I picked it up from the factory when I realized that the creator of Cat and the Fiddle is the same guy who founded Bakerzin! I really loved the cakes from Bakerzin and it was very exciting to find out that this was his latest venture (after having sold off the Bakerzin franchise). Taste wise, the cheesecake was superb! Everyone agreed that it tasted wonderful and hopefully we’ll have another birthday celebration that will give us the opportunity to try the other flavours! Particularly, the sweet and smokey taffy seems rather inviting.