Fat Boys

We wanted a place where we could sit down quickly without having to wait around much and fat boys happened to have an available table, so that became our lunch place for Sunday. I’ve eaten here many times and the fun part of coming here is to try its bespoke burgers. It’s not just any ordinary beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese and bread bun combo guys! Fat Boys really tries to mix things up by including different ingredients and combinations.


Bleu peppercorn – As it’s name suggests, a burger patty with black pepper and blue cheese. Blue cheese is always an interesting combination for me – it’s like either a hit or miss. However, somehow the two strong flavours (pepper + cheese) seemed to go well together and they tasted really good.


Swiss shroom – this is quite a popular choice, reminiscent of burger king’s mushroom swiss except that shitake mushrooms are used and the beef patty is so much jucier here. Hard to go wrong with a beef, cheese and mushroom combination


The monster burger – I didn’t get to try this combination but H told me that he has been a convert ever since he tried this combination sometime back. It’s like a chicken patty with cheese and wasabi mash. I thought the wasabi mix was quite an interesting combination, I wouldn’t mind trying this the next time myself!


Philly Cheese Steak – curious me wanted to find out if their other dishes stood up well against the burger, so I ordered a classic philly. I confess that I still dream of that fantastic philly cheese I had in Philadelphia from a roadside stall many years back and I’ve always measured all other philly cheese’s against that. I must say that the filling was very generous, it kept spilling out of the bun (so it was quite messy eating!) The steak and cheese combination was very delicious, I only wished that there had been more caramelized onions and black pepper added. Think it would made an extra difference for me. Nonetheless, it was still a very satisfying lunch!


Definitely come here for casual no fuss lunches. Staff are friendly and they also have beer on tap to go with the burgers!

Add: 187 Upper Thomson Road