Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar

Lunch date with F on Thursday, so decided to give the entertainment app another go and suggested that we visit Longtail Asian Brasserie since it was near her building and we could just walk over in a couple of minutes. At first I thought that it would be crowded since I knew that its sister restaurant, Sabai was a popular lunch place, so I made sure to make a reservation. However, when we walked in on Friday noon, it was almost empty. Wow. So much for making a reservation.

I must admit though, that the decor really wows. The comforts of colonial style decor + modern air conditioning. Yes, I’m a sucker for such things.


Being cautious, I quickly queried on whether the entertainment app could be used. It seemed that not everyone was familiar with it, they had to ask another waitress before they confirmed that yes I could use it for their salads, soups or mains. Interestingly, most of their food seems to be centered around IndoChina cuisine and F just happens to be Vietnamese. I jokingly commented that she could tell me how the food compares to the food back home since she would know. She replied saying that they spelt one of the Viet dishes wrongly, so she wasn’t feeling very positive about it. Slam!

Ok, but we should not be quick to judge. Being our first time, we chose items off the menu which were recommended by the restaurant:

Braised Beef, Pork Balls, Thin Rice Noodle, Salad ($18) – F said that this was nice and tasty though she found it a bit too salty for her liking. Hence, it took her a while to finish it plus a bit more water than usual.


Baan Mi | Pork Vietnamese Sandwich, Duck Liver Pâté ($18) – This was a lovely dish but halfway through, I wish I had gotten some noodles or rice instead. This was quite hard to eat for a quick lunch in the CBD and look refined and posh at the same time! Nevertheless, the filling was really delicious and I really liked the herbs that accompanied the pork, though it took quite a bit of effort to get a bit of everything in one bite! The tapioca chips were a nice touch, but I found them rather salty – perhaps a bit too liberal on the salt there?


If there’s one thing to commend this restaurant for, it’s the decor and the service. The staff were really sharp and quick to refill our glasses and to check if we needed anything. I think this restaurant is best suited for expats who are looking for that unique Asian vibe and don’t mind the prices so much. Admittedly, if not for the entertainment app, I would not have suggested coming here with F. After all, if one has already been to the real deal and eaten Pho, Bún chả  and bánh mì in Vietnamthere is really little reason to justify paying a whole lot more for something similar. The price definitely reflects the ambiance and the service that was received. However certainly, perhaps a place to bring and impress clients from overseas.

Add: 70 Collyer Quay, #01-03 Customs House