Chang Thai

Neighbourhood eats are awesome.

1. They are near your house and within walkable distance
2. Prices are decent and not cut-throat
3. Food is as good as those you can find in most restaurants in town

So this is the neighbourhood Thai eatery located at Bishan St 11, on the road leading to the turnoff to Braddell Road. For the 15th day of CNY, most of the family members came home around the same time and we all decided to go out for a quick dinner (no fancy dinners because it was a weekday and everyone had stuff to do after dinner).


Obviously, this is not a place for fancy dishes, but rather, just warm hearty home cooked meals. Plating is not fancy, but really, it’s all in the taste and isn’t it true about Chinese and we eat with our stomachs, not our eyes?

Stir fried bean sprouts and pandan wrapped chicken – Good solid dishes. It’s really hard to find places that still serve pandan wrapped chicken nowadays. I wonder whether it’s due to the increasing social awareness of eating etiquette and trying not to use your hands when you eat. Regardless, these were done well, and gone quickly. The trick about frying bean sprouts is that they remain crunchy while having soaked in that bit of gravy to give it flavour – perfect dish.


Thai Green curry – how to go to a Thai restaurant and not have curry? We got the beef curry since we had already ordered pandan chicken. This combination worked well and I liked having the curry gravy slathered all over my rice (yes I’m a ‘soak your rice in gravy/soup person’).


Pork chop – This was a nice dish, but I found it a bit too dry for my liking and this was the one dish that didn’t get finished and we ‘tabaoed’ it back home. But! Interestingly, it tasted even better the day as leftover lunch 🙂


It’s really nice to have a few neighbourhood eatery options to choose from when you just want an easy night in (or out). Chang Thai happens to be a good one to consider if you’re ever in the neighbourhood.

Add: 151 Bishan Street 11, Block 151