How does one create a potluck session? When a group of girls challenge a girlfriend to prove that she cooks and the girl challenged in turn challenges the group to prove their skills to her too. Yes, we had this conversation a few months back and finally this weekend, the group met to showcase what we’ve got. But really, it was just another excuse to get together, just with a bit of friendly challenge to spice things up

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But that’s not the post today. Today is just a recipe post about one of the dishes I contributed: wontons! Interestingly, I learnt how to make wontons only when I was living in Budapest, Hungary. I was at a church event and a lady had brought some homemade wontons which were super delicious. After thanking her for bringing such an awesome treat, the lady kindly told me that wontons were actually very easy to make and I should look into making them some time. Finally one day, I had the courage to do so and I was rather pleased with the results. The affirmation came when I left a note for my landlord saying that she was welcome to help herself to the wontons I had made and I came back to find the container almost empty. True story.

So finally again (after a long time), I had the opportunity to make them. This time, I was rather pressed for time, so I chose to buy the skins instead. I got a pack of 30 skins for $0.85 from the local supermarket. The filling is where things get interesting. I made a chicken filling this time as one of my friends is muslim. I usually marinate the chicken mince with sesame oil, light soya sauce, garlic salt, pepper and some prawn paste powder. Chop up some spring onions and mix them into the mince. Leave to marinate for a few hours or overnight.

Now we’re really to make wontons. Using a teaspoon, take a spoonful of mince and place it in the middle of the wrapper in a small oval shape. Wet the sides with a bit of water and seal tightly, making sure that there are no gaps. Now is also the time to get creative in wrapping your wontons into different shapes. I quite like to do mine in a triangle shape, so much so, the joke was that my wontons are actually samosas (oh well)


When done, pre heat a wok with oil. I’ve tried frying wontons in a pot and a wok. My personal experience is that the wok is better and don’t try using an air fryer. Honestly, the results are just not the same. Make sure that the oil is hot before dipping your wontons in. They should be done in about 2-3 minutes. Make sure to flip them over to ensure that both sides get equally browned.


Wontons are best eaten fresh and hot from the wok. Leave them out too long and they face the danger of going soggy!