Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

Had to run some errands on a Wednesday morning and decided to pop by this new cafe for a quick breakfast. For the longest time, this corner outlet on Upper Thomson Road used to be Liquid Kitchen, and I remember many a time when we popped by for a drink after church or dinner a few doors down. So now, the entire place has been revamped into a white minimalist coffee place. The decor is very simple, a long communal table with a few side tables at the back. They also have a short retail shelf selling coffee merchandise, chocolates etc. They have servers but stuff like water and condiments is pretty much self service. I felt quite the noob when I was there because I was asking where was this and that and the servers were pointing me to places where I couldn’t see. I swear I got a bit of an exasperated look from the coffee guy when I asked him whether the cafe offered pepper and he said that everything was self service behind me. Yes, it’s my first time here guys!

IMG_3750 IMG_3752

The menu feels very standard. They serve (as expected), american breakfasts, eggs benedict, pancakes, waffles. So, naughty me decided to not go with the norm (possibly at the cost of this blog) and I chose something else which I may not necessarily find at other cafes, in a bid to “show me what you’ve got besides poached eggs” vibe.

Shrimp and asparagus ragout roll ($18): This was a huge serving and I confess that I was not able to finish it. I did not even get to touch the toast. The roll was a thick layer of omelette rolled at least three times with a generous serving of shrimp and asparagus. It was a nice hearty breakfast to have, though I would have preferred a bit more salt and pepper in the omelette and that was easily solved through the self service condiments.

IMG_3753 IMG_3755

So I wasn’t really wowed my first time and for $18 for breakfast sounds a little pricey when compared to my $3 fried bee hoon serving at the coffeeshop opposite. Regardless, given the proximity of this cafe to my home, I’m sure there will be other opportunities to try the rest of the items of the menu. Perhaps, I should have just gone for the truffle eggs benedict instead.

Add: 185 Upper Thomson Road