Capital Restaurant

When I first moved back home from overseas, I joined a meet up group in the hopes of meeting like minded people who liked to eat out and try new places. Soon, through the meet ups, I was fortunate enough to meet a fun group of like minded girls and a very wonderful organizer who organizes monthly dinners where the girls will get together and catch up. Alas, when I got into law school, I wasn’t able to attend the dinners all the time (crazy law schedule), but I do make an effort to, because this is really a wonderful group to be with. Traditionally, February is the CNY dinner and this year, K arranged for the dinner to be at Capital Restaurant. I had never heard of it till K brought it up, but a quick search on the internet and comments from the ladies informed me that the restaurant is very old and very well known for its cantonese cuisine. I was really excited to be trying their food!


The other good thing about this place is that you can BYO and they do not charge your corkage. While there, we saw many families coming up and some had even brought their already opened whisky bottles!

As with any CNY celebration, you have lo hei. Now, I was very surprised to have a ‘fusion’ lo hei of sorts. When we first saw the lo hei, I was thinking to myself, ok, looks like mostly Cantonese lo hei ingredients! However, when the raw fish was presented, it was white fish, not the usual salmon kind we see! It didn’t affect the lo hei experience whatsoever, but it was a fun fact for me when I realized the difference in the ingredients.


Foiled grilled chicken – not many places serve this childhood dish anymore. Perhaps, it can be quite messy unfolding the foil, but this was like a real treat for all of us since it brought back a lot of memories when wrapped chicken was all the rage.


Steamed prawns – another finger lickin messy dish which we enjoyed. The prawns were fresh and the plate was wiped clean very quickly.


Braised dried oyster with fa chai. I’m not really a fan of oysters (more of a mussel lover) so this was not really among my favourite dishes, though I really enjoyed the braised vegetables.


Steamed fish HK style – I feel like I’m not having much luck with steamed fish dishes this year. Being really sensitive to fishy aromas, my guard was up once this dish was brought out. Regardless, except for one other person, everyone felt that the fish was fine. Perhaps, it was just me and my inherent fussiness about fish.


Sea cucumber with vegetables. It’s really odd how I do not adore most Chinese delicacies but I like sea cucumber, especially the dried kind. Everyone was starting to slow down at this point, but this really kicked up my appetite again.


As always, noodles is served last to fill up any empty gaps in the tummy. I always feel that this is like a throwaway dish, but again another surprise. Crispy noodles in hot gravy creating an al dente bite – sublime.


Add: 323 New Bridge Road