Sometimes I think that whoever created the concept of small sharing plates was a genius because it’s always perfect for a group of girlfriends getting together who want to wine and dine and not be bogged down by heavy plates of pasta and meats which can never be finished. Of course, this rationale does not really work when confronted by a group of girls who love to eat and DO actually eat and drink their hearts out.

For our first get together of 2015, we decided to try out this new place at club street called :pluck. There’s always something new opening on club street and the location was close to several bar which we were planning to hit later on. I made a reservation on chope.com.sg and was pleasantly surprised when I got an email directly from the restaurant almost instantly verifying my reservation – unexpected but things were looking good even before I got there!

IMG_3496 I was ordering for the girls and made the mistake of asking if there was anything that anyone did not eat and got blasted with “hello, do you not know us at all!?” Ok, that made things so much easier. For appetizers, we got the seared scallops with roasted apples and hazelnuts. Ordering this dish reminded me of a recent episode on Top Chef where the challenge was for the chefs to come up with a 3 course menu and it was a contest of popularity. One of the chefs commented that customers love scallops and therefore the menu had to have scallops on it so as to entice customers to order from their selection – so true! For $18, we got two scallops so for sure we wiped the plate clean. This was a good dish to start the dinner, the flavours were fun and refreshing. The only thing was that we ordered two servings. One came very quickly, the other took almost 15 mins to come…. interesting…


Second appetizer of the night: bone marrow. I’m glad to say that I have few friends who diet, because those girls would never pick this dish and I certainty did not (I don’t diet, but I just don’t have a big infinity with bone marrow). Unfortunately, this turned out to be a disappointing dish as the bone marrow was fried into the croquettes and they could be shitting us with sunflower oil for all we knew. I think part of the sinful-ness and joy of eating bone marrow is the ability to see what you’re eating and I think missing that “sight” element of the dish really let it down.


This third appetizer came so late into the meal, that I actually commented that I had forgotten that I had ordered this dish when they finally placed it down in front of us: slow cooked egg with maple, fava beans and sweet corn. I liked the combination of egg with the beans (think breakfast) but it was just ok for me.


Finally, on to the mains. They offer ribs done in two different ways, but we decided to go for the braised ribs instead. For $28, you get 4 pieces of shortrib braised in a lovely wine sauce. I really enjoyed this dish, I only wished that there was more.


We decided to get sharing plates of the halibut and the beef – the menu says that this is meant for two or more. At this point, service got rather slow, to the point when we started looking at one another (that’s never a good sign by the way.) So it’s like when they finally put this in front of us, N commented, “this is definitely not for sharing”. I had to laugh at that. I think this dish had the prettiest presentation – I can really appreciate the contrast of colours here. However, I found the halibut rather salty and actually didn’t finish whatever small bits I got. Maybe I just got the wrong end of the stick or something, because no one else commented on the salty-ness.


Wagyu skirt: I wanted to like this dish, I really did, but I found the beef really chewy and really hard to cut. It took me a while to get through this dish because of the extra muscle effort.


This is a delightful restaurant and really great for get-togethers. I have to note that despite some misses in the food, the service was perfect and despite sitting in the corner, the wait staff were very attentive to our needs and never seemed harried or showed it to us. And sometimes, good service is what is needed to persuade you to maybe give the restaurant a second shot. As mentioned, there seems to be some issues to in waiting time for the food, but I’m sure it’s nothing that the restaurant can’t sort out quickly.

Add: 90 Club Street