Nam Nam Noodle Bar

I once met a Vietnamese friend for lunch and while trying to decide where to eat at Raffles City, I asked her whether Nam Nam was authentic Vietnamese food. She wrinkled her nose and said no.

Despite this, I have gone back to Nam Nam because despite this lack of endorsement, I do enjoy their beef pho noodles which is made even better by the fact that they serve a lunch set which includes the choice of beef or chicken pho, a fish cake/pork belly salad appetizer and a drink for $9.90.

Thursdays are great this semester for me since class ends at 1.30pm with a 2 hour interval before our next class. Barring any urgent deadlines, this usually means that we can walk to Raffles City to grab a nice lunch and not have to ‘tabao’ from Koufu. B and I decided to have lunch last together last Thursday and I suggested Nam Nam since it has been a while and no lunch queue!

So yes, I got myself the all time favourite: Beef Pho lunch set. Pho is actually a rather simple dish and the secret to this tasteful dish is the freshness of the ingredients. The best part of this dish is the soup and I suspect that this element is the reason why I enjoy this simple dish very much. The beef slices were cooked perfectly (medium and left to cook further in the soup). Perhaps, the weakest link in this dish is the noodles (maybe I just can’t forget the pho I had in Hanoi with freshly made rice noodles that just melted in my mouth). Regardless, it was a decent and filling dish overall.

IMG_3436 The appetizer that comes with the lunch set is a fish cake/pork belly crunchy salad topped with a sweet chilli sauce. Nothing spectacular, but still tasty and a nice prelude to the pho.IMG_3437

I think this will remain a lunch time staple if I’m ever looking for a decent bowl of noodles and I don’t have time to choose a new place. It’s location right by the escalators is pretty handy too for someone pressed with time and who doesn’t know the various food offerings that Raffles City has.

Add: 252 North Bridge Road #B1-46 Raffles City Shopping Centre